Meaningful Mondays

Losing You While Living Life

I read a quote that Reese Witherspoon tweeted and it explains our journey so well…

“We expect women to work like they don’t have children, and raise children as if they don’t work.”

Isn’t that the beginning of losing ourselves? Why do we just keep giving and trying to satisfy the needs of everyone else? All the while, we are not filling our own needs. Instead, we consume ourselves with being perfect at everything for everyone and drift further and further away. It’s no wonder there comes a day when we realize we have no idea who we are. We have completely lost our own identity. This is such a sad time. It is very lonely, it is depressing and very scary. But let’s put the blame where it belongs…we put ourselves there. We allow this to happen. It seems easier to just let life take its course and keep plowing our way through the day, the week and before we know it, the year. 

The good news . . . we are the only ones who can fix it. Let’s shift the idea of being everything for everyone and be everything for ourselves. Let’s start taking time for the most important person in our lives… we are! It’s time to put us at the top of the list. 

“If you don’t become selfish, you become self-less!”

When we fix who we are, we fix everything around us. The important thing to know, is that you can’t do it the other way around, fixing everything around you will not fix you. It’s like a microwave… you heat up the inside and then the outside receives the benefits. 

Being in Love

February is the month of love. Whether you are in a relationship or dreaming of one, this month is a constant remainder of love and what it means to you.

If you are in a relationship you are either very happy with your partner, or you are wishing they were a little different. Maybe you wish they were more adventurous, more affectionate or more romantic. If you are becoming unhappy with where your relationship is headed, maybe it’s time to look at you.

What is your role. What is your view of yourself.

Stop blaming and start loving.

Happy “YOU” Year !!!

It’s pretty funny that I have struggled to come up with the perfect ” first blog” for so long and because of that, I have not started one at all. As a writer, you would think that task would have been an easy one for me. But I spent so much time deciding what the perfect introduction would be. How can I say the perfect opening statement. What would capture the essence of “Power Within Her” in a way that would sum up the meaning of what it stands for?

Resolutions . . .

The morning of New Year’s Day I realized there couldn’t be a better time to start my first blog because New Year’s Day is a time for new beginnings. It is a time to look back and see what we have accomplished and/or failed to accomplish. It is a clean slate to start doing, planning and being all the things we put off since last year. Or, if you’re anything like me, things you’ve put off for the past 10 years. New Years is a time to work on our weaknesses and build on our strengths.  So I have made this my resolution; to put away procrastination and the need to get everything perfect. That is what holds me back. I fear it won’t be good enough, inspiring enough or relatable. My resolution is simple. It is to listen to my heart. To do what I love. I love to write, I love to share and to help others discover what I have discovered; the strength and the amazingness that is inside every one of us.

What’s on your back burner?

Time goes by so fast and there is so much going on in our lives that we tend to put our own wants and needs on the back burning while we make sure everyone else in our life has everything they need and want. The days, weeks, months and years pass by so quickly, we barely have time to change the calendar.  Next thing you know, here comes another New Year’s Day and we are no closer to our new year’s resolutions than we were a year ago. I have followed this pattern for years and have only recently discovered how to change the cycle of doing, fixing, giving and lacking. I felt I was always thinking… What about ME??? I have taken me off the back burner. I have taken me off the bottom of the “ToDo” list. I have give me priority in my life. Why? Because I deserve it! And you do too.

It’s all about you.

I have started this blog with the title “Happy YOU Year” because this year is about You. This blog is about YOU. It is about discovering who you are, what you want and how you can have it all. Together, we will share tools and idea that will help you uncover the amazing person that is living inside of you. This blog is about becoming the best version of you. We all struggle with feeling lost, unfulfilled, frustrated, lonely and sometimes depressed. There are so many emotions running around inside us and we are so busy managing our lives that we don’t have time to address them. As the months turn into years, we wake up one day and wonder, “What the hell happened? This is not the life that I thought I would be living.”

It’s time to take control and what better time to do it than New Year’s Day, the time for new beginnings. It’s time to stop feeling lonely in a house full of people and rediscover YOU. Bring You back to life. What do you want your life to look like on December 31, 2020.

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