Meaningful Mondays

We Can’t Fight The Changing Season

Let’s talk about the need for change and why change is so hard for us, even when we want it. Fall is a great time to explore change. It is a busy time, yet it is also a time for slowing down.  The leaves are changing colors, the animals gather food and create their homes, beginning their hibernation. Everything around us is changing and we adjust as it happens. It’s a natural process. For us personally, change is something quite different. It’s about willingly going into the unfamiliar. There is a feeling of safety in what we know even if it’s not good for us.

Change Needs To Happen Within Us

Let’s think about that… if we live in a state that we are unhappy with, long for something better but fear the idea of change, we willingly accept to remain unhappy. We actually choose it. It’s like putting ourselves in prison or worse, in a grave. Because if we continue to live a life we are not happy with or we stay in an abusive relationship (physical or mental) we are actually not living at all. We are allowing someone else to dictate the terms of our life, forcing us to live according to their will and not our own.

What we fail to see is the fact that change happens within us as we begin to ask questions like… Now what? Where do I go from here? What do I want? What did I say I would do but didn’t do? Why haven’t I left? Our minds begin to turn muddy with thoughts of the lack of progress. We suddenly begin to experience feelings of sadness or emptiness. We are in a process of change and with change comes the opportunity for learning. These learning moments accumulate and act as building blocks, eventually creating the foundation of our new found strength. This is the time of year when everything around us begins to change but it is also the time for us to create change.


The change is already happening in you. With the silence of Fall comes the space and time to look inward. We can take this season and make it work for us. When we spend the time exploring who and what we are, we bring ourselves to the core of what makes everything happen. We learn about, nurture and begin to love who we are. Fall brings the time for connection to ourselves. It is not the end of the summer, it’s the beginning of our next year to come.  The trees do not die in the fall, nor do they stop growing. They merely draw inward, nurture their roots and protect themselves as they ready for new growth.

Tips To Embrace The Season Of Change

As stated in my book, Power Within Her, the first step in making change is learning about who you are. The first tool you will need is a journal. If you don’t have a journal already, go get one!

This week, we will spend time writing about who we are, what is important to you and what makes us happy. It might sound unusual to start off this way but it is so important for us to know WHO we are before we begin to figure out WHAT we want. On the first day of the week write everything that comes to your mind that explains who you are. From there write about all the things that you don’t like and all of the things that make you happy or put a smile on your face. I call this step, becoming your new best friend. The way you develop a new best friend is by learning about them. What is their favorite song, color, holiday, etc. It’s time to spend time with you and really get to know who you are. Go for walks, garden, paint… just be with you and document all of your discoveries. Listen to your heart & enjoy your week.

Till next time…

Welcome to “Meaningful Mondays”

The Season of Change

Hello. Thank you for joining me. I am reaching out to you to share my exciting news. I have decided to start a new journey with you . And since fall is the season of change, I have decided to create change for the Power Within Her followers. This season brings change to the look and feel of the Power Within Her blog.

“Meaningful Mondays”

So, what’s the change? The new theme will be posted on Mondays and  although it will continue to address a variety of topics on self-development and personal growth, it will now be consistently posted on a weekly basis. The new name of this blog  is Meaningful Mondays. Each post will include actionable steps to help you create a stronger, braver more confident you. You will be able to use the tools that I will take from my book, Power Within Her. I will share stories and tools that I used during my struggles and growth. This blog is for you and it is to guide you on your journey to the power that you hold inside.

There’s No Time Like The Present

Due to my desire to make this change at the perfect time, I considered waiting until the first of the month, then thought of starting it on the first of the year. But, the message I want to start with is that there is no perfect time to change your situation. Anytime is the right time to change. You don’t need to wait for a pinnacle moment or a critical event to start the change that is needed in your life. There is no right time. NOW is the time that you have and now is the time to start changing whatever is not working. I am talking about your job, you relationships, your lack of movement or your journey toward your dream life. Whatever your challenges are, now is the time to begin the process.

What’s In It For You?

With that being said, I hope you will join me on this journey of discovery and I welcome you to share your input, your questions and your ideas. Power Within Her knows that  the ups and downs of life can really test our belief in who we are. Together, we will navigate these challenges and we will get through any setback or obstacle that is put in our path. Together we share, learn and grow. This is the season of change. So let’s get this party started!

Feeling Lost

Are You Feeling Lost

You’re Not Alone

Many women question their inner-strength, their self-esteem and there self-worth. There are times we get lost in our own world. I believe we all get lost and when we are lost it is very scary. We are not really sure how we ended up at this point and we don’t know how to fix it. There are times we feel shame, sadness, and disappointment in ourselves. Sometimes we wonder what our purpose is. We know something’s not right, but we don’t know what it is. There is something missing, but what could it be.

We have all heard the buzz about “finding yourself”, “soul searching” and “self-discovery”. We read about the need to “go within” and “discover” who we are and what we want, but how do we do that? How do we get to know ourselves?

Who Are You

Like any other relationship, you have to learn to get to know who you are. Spend time by yourself, figure out what you like and don’t like. Get to know the girl inside you. It takes time and it takes effort. But what you will discover is that the most important relationship you will ever have, is the one you have with yourself!

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