Master Focus Groups

Master Focus Groups are formed of 6-8 like minded people who crave profound change in their life. It is for the person who is ready to take steps to make this change happen.

The group is facilitated and structured using tools and ideas that are outlined in Patricia’s book, Power Within Her. The group’s brainstorm approach offers peer support, guidance and a safe environment where each member develops a personal action plan to achieve their goals.

This is accomplished through encouragement, self-reflection and accountability as you navigate your journey toward self-awareness and personal growth.

Master Focus Group announcement (decorative)

Master Focus Group Application

Please fill out all fields.

Age Group

What areas do you feel overwhelmed with or struggle with? (check all that apply)
Lost IdentityLack of DirectionLonelinessAddiction in the familyOther

How long have you felt this way?
1 - 3 yrs.4 - 6 yrs.7 – 10 yrs.More than 10 yrs.Always

Where do you feel you need the most improvement?
RelationshipsSelf-AwarenessCreating DirectionBuilding Self-confidenceOther

Is there a relationship you would like to improve?

What do you currently do to take care of yourself? (check all that apply)

What type of program are you interested in?
Virtual (on-line)In person (classroom)Either

What days and times are best for you?
Monday morningMonday afternoonMonday eveningTuesday morningTuesday afternoonTuesday eveningWednesday morningWednesday afternoonWednesday eveningThursday morningThursday afternoonThursday eveningFriday morningFriday afternoonFriday eveningSaturday morningSaturday afternoonSaturday evening

Ideally, how much time do you feel you would take to create the change you desire?
1 month3 months1 year2 years3 yearsmore than 3 yearsOther

Do you believe you can change and no longer struggle?

Are you willing to put in the work needed to create change in your life?

You may instead download, print and fill out the pdf version below if you prefer.

Please send to me at:
PO Box 1042, Mashpee, MA 02649

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