Patricia is the type of person who knows when to listen, when to comfort, or when to give advice. She has an optimistic attitude in all circumstances. She strives to grow as a person, as a mother, as an educator, and as an author. She engages in continuous learning. She is proactive and is a voice for women who do not have the courage to voice their feelings. It is amazing to watch Patricia’s own power within her come to fruition.

Paula Freni
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.

Elizabeth Ewing
Mashpee, Ma

Patricia Anglin is an inspiration to women in so many ways. As a single mother she never gives up on her dreams; she is working hard for what she believes in and taking life one day at a time. Hearing her speak is an opportunity for any woman to be inspired. Patricia is strong, dependable, and has a caring heart. She encourages and motivates women to always do better. I feel truly blessed to have met her.

As a public educator, it is one of life’s best blessings to be able to collaborate with a power spirit and role model like Patti. When trying to make meaningful connections with students who are trying to find their voice and their light, Patti is always willing to step up and work to help our youth navigate their exciting and often turbulent pathways. Patti is not only a natural storyteller, but a fierce positive mentor and coach who is able to convey powerful messages and demonstrate vital life skills needed to harness hope and find success on one’s own terms. A distinguishing characteristic of Patti is her passion to be compassionate and her commitment to serve others. To be in Patti’s presence, one quickly understands the power of self-advocacy, forgiveness, resilience-building and the commitment to uphold a moral code and live one’s life with strong traits of character. Her unwavering dedication to taking good care of and genuinely loving herself and others has and will continue to enrich the lives of others.

Aphrodite Purdy
Mashpee, Ma.

Bon Hawley
Sandwich, Massachusetts

Patricia Anglin reminds us to stop being paralyzed with fear, we need to take the time to get to really know ourselves ..While geared toward women who feel lost and trapped in an unfulfilling life, I do think anyone seeking strategies and a new mindset toward breaking free from the invisible chains that bind us , MUST read this book.! Patricia’s writing style is comfortable and chock full of personal vignettes that illustrate her sometimes confusing journey… like listening to an old friend … not dramatic .. no quick fixes .. but an honest description of the steps that lead her to achieve goals she had only dreamed of, and ultimately to nurture her inner soul and begin living an authentic life … on her own terms … Patricia Anglin gives her readers the confidence to believe that a happy, meaningful life can be theirs, if they are willing to look deep within, and make the necessary changes..

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